Backup photos, music, documents and more for pennies a day.
Starting at $4.95 per month
Business grade data backup for PCs and servers.
$3.95 + $.50 per GB
per month
High performance online backup that's scalable and secure.
$6.95 + $.50 per GB
per month
Concentsus Online Backup Pricing

Concentsus Home
Storage License: per computer, per month
1-20 GB $4.95  
21-40 GB $14.95  
41-60 GB $24.95  
61-80 GB $34.95  
81-100 GB $44.95  

Concentsus Business
Storage License: per computer, per month
No Limit
$3.95 + $.50 per GB
  Business accounts may purchase additional licenses under the same email address

Concentsus Enterprise
Storage License: per computer, per month
No Limit $6.95 + $.50 per GB – Server License
No Limit           
$3.95 + $.50 per GB – Desktop License

  Home Business Enterprise
Ease of Use
Automatic or scheduled backup
Bandwidth throttling
Features / Performance
Open/locked file support
Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
Block level incremental backups
Version (snapshot) support
In-Windows snapshot restore
Web-based snapshot restore
Uncapped restore speeds
Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 support  
Backs up SQL and Exchange    
Storage pooling    
Network share and mapped drive support    
Supported Platforms
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2012  
Windows Server 2008  
Windows Server 2003  
Centralized administration    
Centralized backup configuration/scheduling    
Centralized client version/update controls    
Sub-administration/department controls    
256-bit SSL encryption
448-bit Blowfish on-disk encryption
Private encryption key option
HTTPS proxy support  
Email support
Phone support
Storage Capacity 100 GB No Limit
No Limit