Data Sheet
HIPAA Compliance
Backup photos, music, documents and more for pennies a day.
Starting at $4.95 per month
Business grade data backup for PCs and servers.
$3.95 + $.50 per GB
per month
High performance online backup that's scalable and secure.
$6.95 + $.50 per GB
per month
What would happen if you lost all your email? Digital photos from your daughter's wedding? Quicken records? Your extensive music collection?

Concentsus makes it easy to reliably backup your valuable documents, correspondence, music files, digital photos and more. We’ll keep your data at a secure, remote location, and provide advanced technology for easy access.

  • Automatic Backups
    Schedule your backup frequency and Concentsus will do the rest.
  • New and changed file detection
    After the initial backup, Concentsus only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast.
  • Backs up Outlook files
    Disaster-proof protection technology keeps your emails, contacts and calendar entries secure 24/7/365.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption during the backup and restore process
    Military grade encryption, the same kind used by banks, secures your data during the backup and restore process.
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption
    Secures your files while in storage providing safe haven from hackers.
  • Open/locked file support
    Concentsus will back up your documents whether they are open or locked.